четверг, 21 января 2016 г.


AUTHOR'S MASTER COURSE "ANNADAN" - ART boudoir doll.Teaching basic workshop is designed for 5 days including 4 days is full of working days for the master class from 9.00 to 20.00In the classroom you will get a solid working base for puppet mastery. Learn sculpture, various techniques of painting, painting eyes decorating, working with fabrics and designing the costume dolls.The basic course includes;Modeling of plastic Paperclay, to familiarize with the material, the preparatory work on the anatomy in sculpting.All materials are included in the course.Accommodation of participants of the course in my country house in the comfortable guest rooms at the all-inclusive program. There is also a service -Meeting at the airport.Also in the course includes the fifth day, this tour program to the sights of Kiev. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Sophia Cathedral, the same program can tour the day may be specified with the participants of the course.Timetable of classes:1 day.Sculpting the face, arms, legs doll. Notes and drawings. Drying.2.Den.Designing and sewing doll body, the connection details, toning the body puppets, face painting and eyes. Decorative painting in particular, notes.3.Den.Doll costume, hat, shoes. Designing and sewing. Decorative suit, work with range and textile accessories.4.Den.Finalization of the way the doll, the creation of the certificate. Photographing.Each participant will master the course after receiving a certificate from ANNADAN the completion of the course, and a gift - DVD with photos of his work and the creative process.Who can take the course only 4 people. Application writing in personal mail.

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